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 Some tips & tricks if you don't like groups

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PostSubject: Some tips & tricks if you don't like groups   Mon Sep 26, 2011 6:10 pm

I've currently solo'd all these quests without any problem at all. They're easily doable without even dieing. The locker instances are a little bit of a harder nut to crack atm, but I'll get them figured out asap. The specs listed in "defend the breaker" work for all these solo missions.

1) The switch defence/defend the breaker:
If you're robo, easy to solo. Personal turret/Wall/Health station does the job just fine.
For assaults, it's a bit more tricky. Ballistics shield is a great tool here, as well as the EMP grenade. Take perfect shield. Make sure to stand outside when your shields are up. If your health goes low, no panic. Press R to heal and pop your perfect shield. Be sure to remain outside so the droids don't run into the blue circle. You don't have to win, you just have to keep the buggers out.
For medics: Spec healing. Don't die. Did I forget something?
For recons: Spam mines on the entrance. Take EMP bomb and spec armor, extra power regen and up to the +6% range damage. Then go 3 in recon rifles. Any additional points can be spent into boosters for ranged damage. Run the explosive mines, range stim and decoy. You shouldn't even get close to dying.

2) Finding the source.
This instance is laughably easy. Just take your time to regen if you are low. You will notice when you cross borders to a new subsection of the dungeon. The AI pathing will be terrible and you can easily pick off a few mobs while making use of constant moving (and sometimes running behind cover). Use your shields/self-boosts whenever possible. The trash should be really easy. Be careful of the sand spiders though, they spawn ticks. Also don't try to take a soldier head-on. They will wall up and have a nasty triple-shot attack.

The boss: Take the adds first. First kill the droids, then the floating eye that heals. You might get low from a few hits, so press self-heal and melee the displays while your health goes up and you don't waste mana. Start to hit the boss. Minions will spawn periodically (2 every wave). Take them out as priority. Save your decoy for them or pop your range stim if it'll be on cooldown by the next wave. Never both. Assault = I don't care mode. Pop ballistics shield and you'll be out of adds in no time. Robo: place your personal turret (rocket hits too slow and it'll get instagibbed later anyway) behind a pillar so the stationary boss can't hit it. It'll make short work of the adds. Medics well, DPS & heal.

The boss has 2 attacks which it keeps cycling. A normal attack which deals around 647-650 on assaults and up to 1047 damage on squishy classes. You can easily dodge it by moving behind a pillar when you see it aim towards you. It'll briefly be red anyway before it fires. Next is the eye death laser which will tear through anything. Yes, your shields will go down, walls will fall and turrets get popped. Just stay behind a pillar until the ray is done. Quite often there will adds to kill anyway, so just use the environment. After the boss is on 40% health, he'll get released. It still only has those two attacks. Just keep moving, prioritize the adds and make sure you won't get hit by the boss. Its pathing sucks amazingly, so it shouldn't hit you at all. Enjoy.

3) Defence at night: the solar farm.
You can easily solo this mission as robotics. Go to the defence point and face it. To your left, there will be some boxes. Place your turret there facing the NPCs. It should make short work of the wasps that are the main problem anyway. Place your health station near the NPCs to keep those buggers as cannon fodder a bit longer. Congratulations, you've just finished your mission. The boss is a triviality. Just don't fall asleep while the recursives are desperately try-harding.

The other classes have it a little bit more tricky though. You can easily clear the waves on any, even with grey/green gear like I run. Just make sure you don't let the NPC allies die. Be careful of ant crawlers. One salvo can instagib them. Always clear the wasps first, then the other enemies. Ants do get priority though. Usually you lose one or both of your allies in wave 4 just before the boss arrives. Don't bother and take out the small targets. Let the point you have to protect tank if you need to. It's got the HP for some reason anyway. Once the little stuff is down, get aggro of the boss. Kite him around in the solor panels and be weary of the AoE missiles it fires. He should be fairly easy to bring down with just your primary weapon (rifles for any class, don't take miniguns or painguns, you need to stay mobile and actually do damage). If you still can't do it, drag the boss to your spawn. Go in and out until you've found the right position where the boss can't hit you, but you can hit it. Fire ahead. Admittedly, I've had to resort to the last option on my recon :/ But I'll do it the proper way on my second recon once it hits 20. The other classes shouldn't have any issues at all due to sustainability (medic), damage absorb (assault) or both (wall protection, turret healtanking).

If there is any scepticism or any problems with it, then I'll try to run fraps and put a comprehensive guide on youtube if I find some spare time. I haven't listed which masteries I'm running, but they're fairly subjective anyway since everyone has his own style. For assault I do strongly recommend speccing tank, with the +6% damage mastery in the balanced line. For robo's, completely pimp out your turret, then go for defences and ICPR. Medic really wasn't mastery sensitive. Just make sure you get some in-combat power regen (ICPR) and a bit of healing. I didn't go for poison since I don't use the nade anyway. The "source" boss wasn't sensitive to the effects of the EMP grenade, so I didn't even try going poison. Recon, make sure you are at least a bit tanky, have ICPR mastery up to +6% range and take the power reduction and +% damage in the recon rifles tree (3 points). After that do as you please. I like stims a lot, but extra CDR (cooldown reduction) is nice on decoy as well.

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PostSubject: Re: Some tips & tricks if you don't like groups   Mon Sep 26, 2011 7:41 pm

Cool, thanks for the guide. From my experience, a poison/hybrid medics is best if you really want to try stuff solo. Regeneration, rockwind/euthanizer, lifestealer/poison injector, poison grenade/soul stealer and poison aura (healing grenade if you don't have soul stealer) is a good way to go. Also, a Repo Android consumable is a great, cheap option to get some extra firepower and tanking (10,000-ish health) for all classes. Everythings's a lot cheaper now that materials are easier to loot for thoae who may not have noticed. Also, as a side note, for those who are on Coordinated Strike (the last combat mission,) a team of 10 is almost essential. The key is to take the aboveground eyes (two of them) down to low health, then assign one assault to keep each low on health, as they regenerate. The other 8 members of the team then hit the two underground eyes- a sniper (ideally shattercon,) a tank, a pocket medic, and a stations robo for each is a good idea. When the two underground eyes are dead, the two remaining assaults then finish off the two aboveground eyes, and you're good.
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PostSubject: Re: Some tips & tricks if you don't like groups   Tue Sep 27, 2011 11:46 am

cool, nice guide Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Some tips & tricks if you don't like groups   Tue Sep 27, 2011 10:44 pm

I have done all of thos solo to as a robo with rocket turret, power and med with dome boost. So far I have done the quests/missions solo but I have not done all of them yet.
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PostSubject: Re: Some tips & tricks if you don't like groups   

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Some tips & tricks if you don't like groups
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