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 Medic Specs (post or discuss Medic setups here; if you add a new spec, be sure to mention whether it's for AvA, PVP, PVE, etc.)

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PostSubject: Medic Specs (post or discuss Medic setups here; if you add a new spec, be sure to mention whether it's for AvA, PVP, PVE, etc.)   Sun Aug 07, 2011 5:36 pm

I just finished putting together a new A.O.E./H.o.T. spec for PVP Medics. It could, in theory, work well in AvA as well, as it's fairly versatile, but it's not great if there's a specialized role needed for such combat. Anyway, here's the link:

From experience so far, it's great at getting buffs, as well as heal boosts, out quickly and with decent radius (minus the +15% group buff range, which I left out.) Heal over time with an Adrenaline gun, as well as the grenade, are good for keeping entire teams alive on the point without putting the medic into the thick of things unnecessarily, as well as keeping the medic alive with the grenade, since this spec lacks the biofeedback gun and regen offhand for self-healing. The spec also leans toward targeted healing by pulling out all the stops to give the massively power-eating Adrenaline gun both the power pool and the power recharge to keep it firing. The life stealer also makes recons think twice in a melee dual to the death, and can help keep the medic alive in point skirmishes. Also, with the modding I've done (far from perfect, but I have yet to get full epics,) A.O.E. and Ranged protection are good, and some skill-based general protection is thrown in for good measure. The pain gun ensures a high assist tally and coordinates attacks on vulnerable targets. There are a few weaknesses with this spec that I've noticed, however. First, its melee protection (total value of 1) is awful, so one will have to depend on the life stealer to get by at point blank. Also, the pain gun is incapable of taking out mines. This coupled with its low damage and the lack of any poison offhands means that the medic, while able to take more punishment, has little in the way of offensive capability, and will likely have to get by either pain-gunning an attacker and fleeing or simply trying to hold out until help arrives (the inherent 92 health/second auto-heal helps with this.) Finally, this spec really doesn't lend much to being able to pocket heal, and thus is much more group-oriented.

Anyway, let me know what you think. Very Happy
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Medic Specs (post or discuss Medic setups here; if you add a new spec, be sure to mention whether it's for AvA, PVP, PVE, etc.)
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